Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strengthening Home and Family

"Strengthening Home and Family"
was the message in our Sacrament Meeting
this last Sunday. It has been an ongoing topic, but
this time it really hit home. Jeff and I had an emotional
discussion about our lack of spirit in the home.
So we will be challenging each other with daily
prayer and scripture study. I know that
when I start my day on a spiritual
plateau, I feel better and am more
patient with my children.


So last night Jeff and I
had our first FHE in a long time!
It wasn't much, as our kids are so young
and don't want to sit still. But we all sat together
and Jeff read out loud from The Book of Mormon Stories.
Then we sat and said a family prayer together.
After wards I was touched by the spirit,
confirming that we had done well,
and that this is a great start to
teaching our children
the gospel.

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