Sunday, August 28, 2011

Water, Corn on the Cob, and more Water.

Friday night we were visited by Jeff's sister Amy and her two kids, Ethan and Emersyn. Alex just loves it when his cousins come over to play! After an easy dinner of Papa Murphy's Pizza, the kids were running amok, so we sent them outside. To make things more fun, I set up our small tent, and a water mister. The water mister won over!
Yummy dirt Mom!

After a while, the boys were running around and wrestling, while the girls took over the water mister!

Alex did not want to share the tent!

After Emersyn noticed I had a camera, she came running up "Take my picture!" This was her lovely "Miss Diva" pose!

After they were done playing outside in the water and were cleaned up, they wanted to watch a movie on Alex's bed.


Today after church, I made a yummy dinner of mashed potatoes, pork chops, and corn on the cob. The corn on the cob was of course a big hit! Alex absolutely loved it. So much, that it was the only thing he would eat.

He loved twirling the cob on the stick of butter!

Ashlin wasn't crazy about the mashed potatoes, so she stuck with the pork chops and some oatmeal.

She gets oatmeal on her hands, which she then rubbed into her hair.

I guess that means bath time! It started out with just Ashlin, but Alex wanted one too. This didn't last long because the bathtub barely fits both of them. (We don't have an actual bathtub, it's only a shower. This tub my mom found for us out and Ranch 'n' Home.)


Daddy got them to smile for me!

Ashlin got out first, but was so squirmy, so I only got her diaper on. She then proceeded to climb on and off Alex's bed multiple times. I don't know if it was because she was sleep deprived or what, but at church and just then she was all over the place and wiggly. (She usually has a 2 hr morning nap, and 2hr afternoon nap. Today she only napped for 1 hour before church.) Ashlin's craziness got Jeff and I laughing to the point Jeff wanted to hear me laugh some more. So he pins me down and starts tickling me! Alex is still in the bath, and hears me screaming and laughing. So he comes running in naked and wet and attacks Jeff! Once Alex was dry and clothed, Jeff became a jungle gym for the kids until it was bed time.
Another night of getting kids ready for bed conquered!


Aunt Pat said... all takes energy...but looks like everyone had fun!

Joy and Collin said...

It would be so nice to have a yard that Eithan could go and play in... but since we're in an apartment... there isn't really. That mister looked like fun. It would be fun to play in the water. We also haven't done any of that this summer either.

Everyone looks wonderful! You're kids are very cute.


The Stevens: said...

So much fun, glad you finally updated your blog:) Maybe I'll add you to my friends list now:)lol