Thursday, November 18, 2010


Halloween this year was fun. The weekend before, our ward's primary threw a carnival at the church for the kids. I helped at one of the booths while Jeff took lots of pictures and Alex ran around playing games and getting candy. Alex was dressed as Tigger, and Ashlin was a bee.
The day before Halloween, Jeff's brother Trevor threw their famous Halloween party. Jeff dressed up as Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter, complete with rubber snakes and sting ray. He even took it a step further and bandaged his head and hand to look like he was attacked! I had had a crazy day that day, and didn't take the time to dress up ( I know I'm so lame!), and Alex took a late nap and didn't want to wear his costume.

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Aunt Pat said...

Looking good - you're not lame - you've got two kids who keep you on the run.

Happy Thanksgiving!